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The TOP 10 Secrets to Staying FOCUSED at Work

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The TOP 10 Secrets to Staying FOCUSED at Work

Someone messages you on on Slack, Discord or Directly to ask for advice on a project. Three new emails from a client pop up in your inbox. In the background, someone is talking about their kid going to the zoo. Would you still be able to focus while at work?

Many people are easily distracted at work and find it hard to focus.

So how do some people stay focused while others struggle to keep on task and get things done?

The answer lies somewhere between long practice and smart tricks that get us through the day.

Below are my BEST tips, tricks and strategies that I focus on every day to keep myself focused, productive and innovative.
AND yes, art is the #1 thing that helps me in my office.

1. Have a centering, statement piece of art that you draw inspiration from!

2. Use this art, and your work environment as a whole to get in the “flow” (and stay there).

3. Plan ahead for your day, before you start it.

4. Create an hourly work plan for your day.

5. Have a place to write down ideas that come up, so that they don't disrupt the steps above.

6. Keep your to-do list short, organized and up to date.

7. Set deadlines (and honor them).

8. Take small, meaningful breaks throughout the day to refresh your mind and move your body.

9. TURN OFF your notifications!

10. Only check email every 3 hours!

Did I miss anything?

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